People on Facebook being sycophantic towards friends who are promoters and successful musicians



Don’t know if this is a thing? It is on my facebook feed. All the promoters I know and any of my musician friends who are signed or whatever, whenever they post ANYTHING on facebook it gets a million responses. The worst is where they’re asking “does anyone know a designer/plumber/babysitter” or whatever and everyone is so desperate to be the one who helps them out. I find it sickening.


Probably says more about the musician/friends promoters in terms of the company they choose to keep?


Correlation doesn’t equal causation, perhaps rather than the positivity they recieve being due to their success, that instead their success and positivity they receive are both the result of the underlying factor that they are great people



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Same sort of thing when people pretended crablin was a good person.


It’s more likely it’s a combination of high activity, and the facebook algorithms resulting in their posts appearing in more people’s timelines.

If you have lots of friends/contacts, post a lot of status updates, engage with other status updates etc, people are more likely to interact with you and your own updates appear on more timelines.


Y’know what I find amusing… no mark bands/promoters/people who have the word “official” in their social media handles, or put a video on youtube of their “new single”. Just wanna be like… err… no.


that’s at least partly true for the promoters I’m talking about.

But not the musicians - these people who are famous or a bit famous tend to hardly post at all but when they do post something it gets a million replies.


people on fbk being sycopantic <<<




why does everybody want to crush smee’s ideas?


Some chumps I knew started their own label and then celebrated signing to it.


poor smee, he just wanted to make a thread and talk to people

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I think I can vote now!!!


I think it’s a good observation. I also have a theory that if you cant be arsed doing something yourself, it’s always easier to just start a thread and pretend it’s really hard to find out the answer and make out that whoever knows the answer must be really smart.


they’re barely getting paid so they may as well get SOMEthing out of all the hard work.