People on Facebook who only ever share memories


They OK you reckon?


ah yeah


i don’t care but mate i’ve had CAN’T STOP ADDICTED TO THE SHINDIG in my head for days now because of you ffs


I mean, that web address alone is enough to make you dubious about the quality of the product


That’s not even the same song!


People on Facebook.



all their songs are the same


While we’re on the subject of Facebook: people who post in the style of a 90s Powerpoint presentation:


That’s a 3 letter name for sure.





Everything is a memory even our thoughts of the future and our interpretation of now.

No idea if this true, can’t be arsed to think about it but it’s typed now.


Chris Nolan, everybody


Yeah Gareth’s stapler that Tim put in jelly in The Office was a memory. Not the scene or it’s conception - I mean the actual stapler.


Alright, Jean Baudrillard


I dont read mine, makes me kinda depressed


Depresses me that I used to talk in the third person on there :confused:


Hah, I’m not even on Facebook.


new feature who’s novelty will wear off pretty quickly though. Not really all their fault for being ‘oooh, I want to try this’ about it.

That said if they’re still doing it in a year or so…


Depends on the memory, a pic of a family event from a few years ago is fine but people who share memories of the random memes or inspirational quotes they posted a year ago need to stop now.


:smiley: some of mine in uni are so bad