People or things you have a completely irrational dislike for


Let’s keep it irrational, please.

The Dwarfcraft devices guy annoys me and I don’t know why. Everything about him. Irritating.

No idea why, he seems basically fine and makes good pedals.


Toni Colette. I’m sure she’s great, I just don’t like her.


Literally every new person who sits next to me at work.


My girlfriend blankly refuses to watch anything starring Uma Thurman


That’s not an irrational dislike. Perfecly reasonable to dislike someone who isn’t a fan of Uma Thurman.


Stacy Dooley I am sure she has a gd heart but I don’t like her presenting style


The teenage schoolkids I cycle past on the way to work


mostly everything and everyone but i know this is an issue with myself really


God I hate Stacey dooley




yor very fortunate


Was going to say keaveney but would’ve broken the rule of the thread


Oh yes! All young people. Them too.




I totally get what you mean. I ought to love her. She’s fucking hard as nails brave, seems like a lovely, down to earth, and clever and insightful person. I definitely admire her.

yet she makes my teeth itch and I need to turn the telly off.


It is definitely something to do with her faux-laid back Essex manner.






Owen Jones


Poor emo :frowning: