People or things you have a completely irrational like for



What things / people do you just think "yeah :slight_smile: " about, but can’t put your finger on why?








Disney. Don’t @ me.




The Donnas


Lily Allen


Liverpool Football Club 2016-present



I know, they’re butlins at sea, and somebody who is educated and been exposed to different cultures ought to find them whack.

However, I really like being mildly institutionalised, not having to think too hard about where/ when my next meal will be or what I’m doing/where I’m going on any given day. Yes, lazy too, and greedy. And I like a good old knobbly knees contest.
^has knobbly knees




Michael Portillo. Can’t get enough of his train travelogues.


Love tuning in to see which shade of chinos he’ll be sporting this week.


Louie Spence
the guy who plays Marlon Dingle


Adrian Chiles. Everyone seems to hate him but he seems like a good lad


I was going to mention his trousers, but decided not to. Glad I’m not the only one.


I don’t like his ears.


I like Mark ‘chappers’ Chapman but dunno what consensus is on him


He’s had his 15 minutes hasn’t he? Haven’t seen him on anything in yonks.

Gyles Brandreth, for me. I shouldn’t really like a former Tory MP born with a silver spoon but there’s something oddly reassuring and relaxing about him.


Jason Statham