People outstaying their welcome

How are you with this? Any stories of people outstaying their welcomes?

I was going to abandon this thread but it seems to have posted so let’s go with it. I find it awkward but I think that’s because (a) I struggle socialising beyond a certain point and (b) I have quite fixed ideas of how my time works. Oh and (c) I find it really difficult staying awake past about 10.30pm these days.



Come to visit and then are all, oh we might stay a couple of days longer. Find it impossible to navigate, I don’t want them to stay longer, but I don’t know how to say ‘please go home!’ without it sounding quite rude. Like it think it’s rude to just decide to stay somewhere for longer than you have agreed with them previously, but they don’t seem to think that’s rude. MIL is incredibly easy to upset, so…. tricky!

I hate any guests. At all. We don’t even have a spare room.

Happy for people to come visit, but hate it when they stay.


I sort of go by the rule that if I’ve invited you, you can stay forever. I simply don’t invite anyone over otherwise as they will have outstayed their welcome in minutes.

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Purely down to the people (and vibes)

Got some friends where it’s so chill, they can be here a week with no notice and I’d be entirely happy

But I do live a very lazy responsibility-free life

Yeah I think maybe I was a bit more chill when we didn’t have kids.

But even then I remember people staying for the weekend and being desperate for them to leave by Sunday teatime.

guess i have been posting here for a bit too long tbf


We never have guests because the flat is small and too full of stuff. I’m looking forward to having a bigger place where we can actually invite people round enough for this to be a problem.

When my partner moved in here he got a spare bed so that he could have his parents to stay. That never actually happened and they always get a hotel when they visit. Kind of hoping that continues to be the case when we move.