People reading out news headines

either because they’re reading the news on their lunch or they’ve just had a notification on their phone. It happens in work, in fact, it’s just happened. Mate, you didn’t invent this news and you weren’t first, we already know because we spend too much time on the internet.

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“Oh, very interesting, blah blah blah has just happened”
“yeah, i know. asks a question about blah blah blah?”
“to be honest, i don’t really know the full story”

Up there with people slagging off the weather reports. Might have a burrito for lunch today.


~family eating, no one is talking~
Mum: “Oh that’s interesting isn’t it?”
Anyone: “What is?”
Mum: ~something topical~



totally topical taste

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I’ll tell you what YOUR MUM finds interesting:

topical news


I do this fairly regularly: begin to talk about news article from a few days ago. I have only read the headline (which I can’t recall very clearly) and don’t really have any idea what happened. finish conversation with no one being any wiser