People reading the newspaper over your shoulder on public transport

  1. Deal with it you massive baby

  2. If you’re reading a paper on public transport it likely means you’re reading one of two papers. Both are terrible. You deserve to be irked and

  3. Again: baby.

Any takers? Trying to get today going


Yeah, never understood why anyone would have an issue with this


shuffles paper and huffs


it’s hard not to read over someone’s shoulder sometimes


Exactly. Tantalising headlines and/or image captions


The woman in front of me was reading the same paper as me this morning.

That paper? (The) Albert E(i)nstein


You know the shampoo Head and Shoulders, why is ‘shoulders’ on it?


Are you being serious here?


I remember being on a packed train once, I was stood up next to a woman sat down doing a crossword. I really had to fight the temptation to tell her the answers.


Dunno, as serious as a frivolous post on can be I guess


It began as an anti-dandruff shampoo, it kept flakes off your head and shoulders.


Coz that’s where dandruff would most likely be visible on a day to day basis I imagine.

I wouldn’t know, being bald. It occurs to me that having dandruff and being bald must fucking suck.


Because its Head & Shoulders above the rest


I wonder if anyone has ever applied it directly on their shoulders as a result of a misunderstanding


god I hope so


Me too brother, me too


I feel only a man wouldn’t be bothered about this, especially if they’ve not felt the discomfort of someone staring at them on public transport before.


*at the back of a newspaper, trying to read the caption under the photograph of a dog?

But okay, I can see that point being solid. If it’s over the shoulder there’s not much room for misinpretation tho shirley


A fun thing to do might be to give crossword answers to the person next to you even if they’re not doing the crossword


I think it’s more the stranger invading personal space than the reading tbh.