People reading the newspaper over your shoulder on public transport


Ah I forget you’re yet to actually visit London


Not necessarily invading physical space but the feeling of being watched or looked at.


Again wait til rush hour


^Tube starer.


No. Not acceptable. Should be met with a curt “fuck off”


I have washed my entire body with head and shoulders quite a few times in my life. (Not as a result of a misunderstanding tho)


Why did you do that Joseph, why?


I generally will use whatever excess shampoo suds are still there after washing my hair to wash as much of my body as possible. Ergo on occasions when I’ve used H&S I will certainly have done so and the shoulders will have been one of the first non hair areas to get hit.


And you had enough excess to do your whole body!? Sounds like someones trigger (bottle squeezing) finger was a bit too itchy if you catch my drift!

My drift is that the dandruff/itchy flaky scalp had spread to your trigger (bottle squeezing) finger


If it’s a left-wing publication then I want them to look over my shoulder read it. Because in case they’re a Tory/Brexiter then they might learn something…


Indeed - this is what is so special about seeing someone give a shampoo performance.


this is a really great/odd dual convo


its dead irritating