People say "lean into" a lot these days


“Wheelhouse” seems to be getting aired a lot as well.


Lean into my dms


what in the actual fuck is wheelhouse?


Nobody speaks to me like that!


You’re right, you cad.

I’ve said it about six times in the last 20 seconds trying to think of a context where I’ve ever used it.


Area of expertise/knowledge.


Also, when do people say lean into? What is the context? Who are these people Dingers is talking to?


Popular at my work is ‘it is in my gift’.


Are you one of Santa’s elves?


i turned some minced turkey (lean) into turkey burgers last night.

they were tasty.


I’m fucking Santa, you insta-naughty list prick!


I say it quite a lot these days. One of those phrases I turned my nose up at when I first read it but now can’t stop using. I blame Twitter.


Del Boy lean into the bar



No dice, Kayla. Everyone knows the devil has all the best memes.


fuckin hate wheelhouse


I am here for this


Also “stan”. Hate it. Wish people who say it would lean into a wheelhouse.


Stan? Do you know someone called Stan?


I do but it’s got nothing to do with him. Twitter is all I stan this I stan that these days.