People starring in multiple soaps

So, like, Roy Cropper was in Eastenders in the 90s, Grant Mitchell was in Emmerdale for 22 episodes, etc etc etc

a) confusing
b) has anyone ever starred in… all of the soaps??

Patsy Palmer’s a DJ in America now. Not particularly relevant to any of this but an interesting titbit none the less

do the bill / casualty / holby count as soaps? because everyone from eastenders has been in at least one of those

The Bill, Casualty, London’s Burning and Holby City all take place within the same extended universe. This is canonical.


I would definitely count them! I think the majority of the nation have starred in one of those at some point, tbf

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I don’t think you can get a role in Hollyoaks if you haven’t already, or don’t plan to go on to another soap.

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Jim from Neighbours was in Young Doctors before that and had really big curly hair

Harold was in Prisoner Cell Block H I think

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It’s a little theory I’ve held for a number of financial quarters now.

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that’s right, the bcu (bill cinematic universe)


Massive prisoner cell block h to neighbours crossover.

Harold, lou, Susan kennedy. Others too.

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Did someone appear as their Eastenders character in Neighbours once? May have dreamt this.

Sounds like a children’s book



Tried to find someone looking at multiple soaps for a take off thread but couldn’t so I’ll just post this here

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I’ve noticed you mentioning financial quarters a lot

That’s just one soap!

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Tanya Turner got sent down in the plot of Footballers’ Wives and then showed up in Bad Girls. Classic.

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Jessie “Kat Slater” Wallace appeared in that drama about the creation of Coronation Street. Not sure if that counts

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Just recently I tried to watch both of those programmes but they aren’t available anywhere to stream.
On YouTube but just terrible, terrible quality