People/things you miss


really miss george michael.

also really miss the felafel, hummus, spinach and ketchup sandwiches pret did up until about 2011.






Monty :cry:


An ATD who lives in London. Haven’t seen him since July.


Along these lines, I really, properly miss Prince and find it weird that he’s dead.


My cat Eddie :crying_cat_face: (he’s still alive but he lives with my folks).


My old pal Jeff.


I really miss my grandparents

Most of my exes (with one key and notable exception) - when I think rationally about them I know things were not meant to be, but I tend to remember the good stuff


My dad predictably. Can’t believe he died 12 years ago. Really miss him quite badly at times.




My old group of friends who seem to have cut me off, possibly accidentally :confused:

Didn’t get invited to weddings and stuff, don’t think I’ve done anything to upset them just think I’ve been abroad so long they forgot me


classic royter


yeah what’s happened to him again?


why has he gone again :frowning:


think he’s just on a break. Hope so.


sorry - this is too flippant. Had this happen with a group of friends when I moved away. Then reconnected with them all by accident really after bumping into one of them in a pub a few years later.


When dominos did mozzarella sticks


the big two- Bowie and cowcow