People/things you miss






Had a dream in 2003 that I was in a sort of magical land where I could fly. Everything was brilliant. Then I woke up and was instantly sad that I’ll never be able to experience it again.



Play Songs of Love and Hate a lot at this time of year.


had a dream a few nights ago that I had a 6-7 year old son. he was really irritating, badly behaved and ended up getting kidknapped by a load of victorian zombies who took him to the top floors of the british museum and I had to go and rescue him even though I was like CBA man.

kind of miss him a bit.


giant wagon wheels and school holidays


do really miss my cat a lot at the minute. probably should try to find a new pet friend.






massively, massively this.

also Scott Hutchinson


The Santa Lucia pizza that Basilico used to do.



come back!!!


Mark Linkous


I listen to Joe Strummer’s podcasts a lot. Everybody should, they’re fucking incredible ( Always think it’s really sad that he’s not here and that it would be brilliant if he was given the way the world’s turning back politically.

I don’t know if he’s never punched a copper, or said something borderline or wether or not he was a bit of a bastard to anyone or what, but i know i generally agree with his politics and principles and the man was an absolute maverick and hugely positive and smart as fuck and i think he’d be calling people out on a lot of shit.


I had no idea this was a thing! Cheers for posting it. :+1:




hi geepee, i hope you’re well x


likewise!!! season’s greetings!!!