people what wrote songs you wouldn't expect them to have written and that

More Well Known Song by…Beyonce…Halo also by Ryan Tedder

Pretty gutted to find out this was Sting.

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My mate and i listened to those later Johnny Cash albums every night while playing CM03/04 and had no idea it was a cover. Imagine our disappointment when we heard the original sounded like THIS! So, so shit

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To be it is a rough song…fullstop…lyrics OMG rubbish…how do they get away with it…

how do you edit on here…please…ta

I’m sure I read somewhere the winner of Fame Academy wrote a Lana Del Rey track but, this might be bollocks.

David Sneddon wrote this

that’s almost Lana Del Ray

Found it:

Driving in Cars With Boys & National Anthem. Is National Anthem the one with A$AP?

The guitarist from Mud co-wrote Groovejet, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and Toca’s Miracle


wow, he’s a genius

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that sounded sarcastic, it really wasn’t

No problem, that’s neat that’s neat that’s neat that’s neat

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Didn’t Cathy Dennis write CGYOOMH?

yeah with the guitarist from Mud


I didn’t know this. Didn’t he produce it?

They both co-wrote it and co-produced it

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Cool, I didn’t know that. It does feel like a Cathy Dennis song. Kudos.

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She did Toxic but everyone knows that don’t they? (Or at least anyone who’s heard of Cathy Dennis would)

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this 1990 chart smash was produced and co-written by Youth (bassist from Killing Joke)

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Speaking of hits that Cathy Dennis has written