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you can’t hang out with without making plans with fucking ages in advance. couple of mates i know if i asked them if they fancied a beer, they’d suggest an evening in like three weeks’ time. someone has just asked if the wife and i want to do something really low key in early May. yeah sure, hit me up late April yeah?




yeah I would just be like “ask me nearer the time you idiots”


Must admit I panicked a bit on seeing the thread title there.



(post must be…)

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I dunno. My weekends are booked up right through to June at the moment.

Weekdays are a bit easier though.

Most of my friends are like this. Pretty depressing tbh because they fill their calendars, and then if they haven’t got something planned that involves you then it’s kind of just ‘tough shit’, which is a shame. Also makes you feel like ‘wtf? why isn’t my calendar full like that?’

Generally miss being impulsive and being like ‘Hey wanna do something?’ on the same day.

total opposite of this tbh. pretty sure most people just like to sound like they’re that busy.


Probably because I hate myself and like to find as many excuses as possible to feel like a failure idk

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I’m fully booked all year eric, how about we pencil something in say second weekend of Jan 2018?!


I think it’s pretty inevitable after a while, especially when you reach an age where you have several circles of friends or family get-togethers.

Haven’t been invited to any weddings so far this year :raised_hands:

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Yeah I’m busy then.

But I didn’t say what day.

Yeah I’m busy.

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See I have hardly any friends and hate most of my family

You have loads of friends on DiS!

(but we’re booked up until June though).

I just like to be able to give people an answer when they invite me to something, and I also feel really bad about cancelling for something else, even if it’s something I might enjoy more, so once it’s in the diary, it’s fixed.

I thought we were going out that weekend!?!?!

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Yes, these people are dicks.

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was that not Jan 2019?!

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Oh yeah, sorry.
He’s all yours e4

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