People who always leave a little mouthful of beer at the bottom of their glass/can/bottle



Bit weird isn’t it. any reason why?

Thread inspired by sorting out the recycling after people have been round and having to pour tiny amounts of beer into the sink or getting it spilled over me from a seemingly empty can.


They reckon it’s mostly spit, because they drink like Michael Gove.


Because the bottom quarter of tinnies taste fucking awful?

I mean I drink things down to the bottom because I’ve got a bit of a problem, but I can see why normal people don’t.


Drink bottles and pints.

Always leave a good 2cm from a can, as it tastes like fluid wrung from a fat mans jockstrap after a particularly long run.


live-in companion leaves some tea at the bottom of her tea cup. Granted the water round our way is a bit rank so you have to leave a tiny amount to stop you getting the scale in your mouth but she leaves loads and for some reason it does my absolute nut in.


but i see people do this with bottles too (had to pour a tiny amount out of six bottles of Stella drank by some guy on a date with my housemate before i could put them in the recycling bin) and even pints in pubs. what’s going on?


Hey, do you want to hang out sometime?

Yeah sure! What do you want to do?

How about I come to your house and drink a load of Stella? See ya later, yeah


i thought it was pretty weird tbh but i think it was my housemate being too tight to go to the pub.

he was boring as fuck


Dependent on the ale you can get a bit of sediment at the bottom. Just like with a coffee, surely, the last bit’s pure coffee that absolutely nobody’s ever enjoyed.




the wife is criminal for leaving a bit of tea at the bottom.

i started giving her smaller and smaller mugs, and then filling them up less and less, but no matter how small the cup of tea there’s always a gulp of two left at the end. WHY!


cause dregs are rank


I do this I don’t know why?! Even do it with soft drinks now too. I can not explain it.


just give it a shake first if you’re worried about dregs


this has done me for some reason.


I do this sometimes, when I don’t drink it quick enough and it goes cold.


The bottom bit is always flat and warm and gross. If it’s a pint, that is. Which it usually is in the UK cos it’s a shit country


post can’t be empty


you people need to learn to drink faster


Don’t really understand you lot. You are seriously happy to ditch a full mouthful of beer because you feel the quality isn’t up to the same standard as the first mouthful?