People who are exceptionally famous within a niche field with no wider impact on society

There might be something here, who knows.

Stuff like Bollywood actors who have like millions and millions of fans but unless you’re into Bollywood you wouldn’t know them from Adam

That Anita person you’ve got a wide-on for.

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Also Stacey Solomon.


Don’t be an arsehole in this thread please @Epimer

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Pro wrestlers

Jeff Mangum

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Doesn’t apply to the most famous ones IMO

A few notable exceptions, obviously.

snooker players

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Good example, this is a good one for people to be incredulous about how “big” NMH are when they have literally no impact whatsoever outside of one very specific demographic.

The incredulity is what I’m hoping to get from this thread once it gets going properly.


I reckon even someone like Randy Orton who doesn’t really have a non-wrestling profile to speak of would be known by plenty of non-Wrestling fans

Probably loads of academics. Raymond Geuss is meant to be th godfather of ‘political realism’ but I’m not sure if anyone but one of my lecturers cared about him…

Some of them have parlayed their YouTube fame into something a bit more substantial… don’t some of them do radio 1 now?

Nah, but also I would’ve put him in the notable exception field since he’s been at the top of the biggest company for 15 years and has been in crap films and etc.
However, someone like Kenny Omega has thousands of fans and would like have marks going crazy around him in a hotel or something but 99% of people would be like, er, who.



loads, man.

I don’t know anything about wrestling post 2003ish, and I know about loads of modern day wrestlers: ‘Killer’ Stephen Austin, El Grande, F.M. Hardcore, Joey Cina, Bulk Logan, Dean Ambrosia, etc.


Stewart lee