People who are named after or refer to themselves by an item of clothing they wear

Fred Durst - ‘Red Cap’

Johnny Cash - ‘The Man In Black’

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Tim Sherwood. Gilet wanker


Bootsy Collins

Justin Timberlake - Trousersnake (more innocent meaning)

That one with the hat from Coldplay.

Hiroyuki Unno - ‘Red Shoes’

White collar workers
Blue collar workers

Buckethead (Guns ‘n’ Roses) - wears a bucket on his head


Mr Saucepan Man (The Magic Faraway Tree) - wears a lot of saucepans

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Mr Spoon (Button Moon) - spoon arms.

Lord Buckethead. Similar.

Mark Rylance

Mr T - the T stands for tacky jewellery

‘the caped crusader’ Lee Cattermole

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2 Chainz