People who are probably, unexpectedly, really rich

The spud man before he was run out of (Woking) town. He was knocking a constant stream of spuds with low grade toppings out from 12-2 every day at £2.50-£3.00 a pop. Like every minute. (you want butter with that)

People who do school photography. Most of my wages go on that shit nowadays.

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Why was he run out of town?


Ah, of course

Those shoreditch cereal pricks for much the same reason as spuddy op man.

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I guess the spud man might be side hustling his spuds as well as it is only a small window. Maybe photographing kids the rest of the time. Doubling up for $$$$$


There’s good money in scrap metal

Yeah Bubbles seemed to be doing really well in the Wire


Anyone that sells a cup of tea. Costs about a penny to make

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They sometimes cost around £2.50

Yep, cos you don’t need to pay wages, rent or utility bills.

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teenagers who make their own computers

I was going to call him Bubs. Did people call him Bubs? Haven’t seen it for a long time.

So does everything else on this thread.

Do you work for big tea?


He is in the thrall of the Earl of Grey

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Shit. Rumbled.

Fancy a cuppa?

Painters and decorators rolling in cash

Probably get it done quicker if they used paint

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It is a good scam. Like if others got in on it. You can’t buy one car anymore, only packs of three.

that guy that won the lottery and bought a load of like shagged ford escorts and just crashed them round the field at the back of his house