People who are probably, unexpectedly, really rich


The spud man before he was run out of (Woking) town. He was knocking a constant stream of spuds with low grade toppings out from 12-2 every day at £2.50-£3.00 a pop. Like every minute. (you want butter with that)

People who do school photography. Most of my wages go on that shit nowadays.


Why was he run out of town?




Ah, of course


Those shoreditch cereal pricks for much the same reason as spuddy op man.


I guess the spud man might be side hustling his spuds as well as it is only a small window. Maybe photographing kids the rest of the time. Doubling up for $$$$$


There’s good money in scrap metal


Yeah Bubbles seemed to be doing really well in the Wire


Anyone that sells a cup of tea. Costs about a penny to make


They sometimes cost around £2.50


Yep, cos you don’t need to pay wages, rent or utility bills.


teenagers who make their own computers


I was going to call him Bubs. Did people call him Bubs? Haven’t seen it for a long time.


So does everything else on this thread.

Do you work for big tea?


He is in the thrall of the Earl of Grey


Shit. Rumbled.

Fancy a cuppa?


Painters and decorators rolling in cash


Probably get it done quicker if they used paint


Someone at work is a governor at their kids school, they asked me to look at a spreadsheet some freelancer was doing for £200 a month, literally took 20 seconds to work out the formulas. That is a racquet I want to muscle in on


People selling 5 packs of radiator keys