People who are rippling hulks who shouldn't be


(almost had to abandon this thread as when google imaging I discovered he did Strictly)

Steve Backshall:



There was a bloke on Come Dine With Me this week who wants to be the world’s strongest man and he said this as a sentence:

“I just want to see anything and know that I can pick it up”

And I think it’s one of the loveliest things I’ve ever heard a person say.


Cedric Daniels in The Wire




And of course:





Craig David



Love the fact that it’s never mentioned - but the actor goes shirtless on multiple occasions

Do you think the actor was always hassling the showrunners - " I really think Cedric would be shirtless for this scene"


Yeah, pretty funny how the first couple of series have quite a lot of McNulty topless trying to push him as a hunk then boom! daniels with a secret hardbod