People Who... Aren't The Height You Expected

Not really sure how I tall I am. 5’8"? maybe 5’9"?

aw now I can’t guess!

Met John Amaechi once, knowing he was big, but good lord.

But then have since seen him walk through piccadilly train station, and even though I’ve stood next to him and know how big he is, it’s always a shock seeing him towering over people, whilst also being bulked up with it.


TBH had myself measured yesterday and I was like… oh. Surprised at that


flaccid frenchy >

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he’s a big lad isnt he :smiley:

Im quite tall but yeah, saw him in town once… wo.

For a long time I thought I was 6’4", and then I met my 6’4" girlfriend and realised I was not 6’4"

had you shrunk or grown? :confused: :upside_down_face:

I was not as tall as her so one of us was wrong

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Japes posted their photo earlier

Wonder how tall @Bamnan is

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I think I’m 5’10"

Wish I was shorter

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Was at a business event once where they had him drawing a raffle from a tumbler box. Couldn’t actually fit his hand into it.

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Same with John Collins the former Scotland midfielder - Wikipedia says he’s 5’8" - that’s surely bollocks as he was smaller than me when I was 15 and I’m only 5’7" now.

Expected a bit taller


William Hague. Way taller and more handsome/charming IRL than I expected. Still a Tory though.

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Seems small even for a mouse on hind legs

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That’s how they get you :unamused: