PEOPLE WHO: Communications edition



What are your biggest pet peeves when trying to comminucate with people (strangers) in a more or less professional manner?

In the last week I’ve had to phone abroad loads because people just don’t respond to emails. There’s even one woman I spoke to on the phone who was like “yes, I’ll send you this document in an email” and obviously hasn’t. I thought that MOST PEOPLE preferred emails to phonecalls (to complete strangers), or is that just an indie bedwetter thing? Makes me PROPERLY annoyed, it does.

Go on, your turn


Delighted that I don’t have to communicate professionally with anyone


Obviously everyone prefers emails for exactly the reason that they can then be ignored. Sadly, it’s phone calls / face to face that gets shit done.


I like communicating with all people as I am a people person.




I much prefer phoning someone up. A five minute conversation will get you answers on things that would take half an hour to type up with no response.


Yes, apart from you.


Should have belled the wazza over the aggregates


Always speak to them or phone them. If you actually want to get something done that is. If you want to kick something into touch for a few days, then email is the way to go.


Yeah me too, man of the people, working class hero even.


I’ll email you with my full response


Finally someone who gets it!



Emails are only ignored when you write aggressively, or don’t ask a clear question. Understanding the limitations of the other side, and not overestimating your own self-importance is alos good to keep in mind. They don’t care about you after all.

I’ve never had an email or letter ignored. I can’t remember the last time I had to ring somewhere, thinking about it.


I’ll have you know I write a pretty decent email. Maybe it’s the type of people I work with. Culture people and freelancers.


Oh jesus christ yeah they sound horrific.

Culture and freelancers is my idea of hell. Urgh.


I mean I am one of those people myself. But still.


sometimes I email my other email account


Ever get a response?


aye man. had some tremendous correspondence between myself


One of the companies I’ve emailed don’t even have a phone number up on their website, true story.