People who did really problematic stuff that seems to have been forgotten about


Lily Allen. She’s become sort of a Lineker-esque resistance figure but i seem to remember her being an appalling racist to Azealia Banks


everyone probably

also I think it’s more that lily allen was just forgotten about full stop




sean put that cat in a wheelie bin




What did she do?

Banks is completely vile by the way




Marcos Alonso literally killed somebody


once i killer a man, seriously


Superfly Jimmy Snuka literally killed somebody


Ted Kennedy literally killed somebody


Fidel Catstro


Patrick Kluivert and Dirty Den literally killed people


Fair enough. Should’ve just posted a pic of a penis unaltered


Frank lampard mocking 9/11 victims


Woody fucking Allen


Paulo Di Canio seems more remembered for being good at football and his nasty side is the comedy pushing of a referee, rather being a full-on fascist


what, really?


Don’t think that’s really forgotten about. Maybe it’s just my metropolitan liberal bubble but I can’t remember the last time Woody Allen’s been a topic of conversation without the fact he’s a massive cunner coming up


Yeah. Everyone remembers John terry did it but lampard and Jody Morris were fined for it too