People Who Don't Age


I think the way to do it is to look prematurely old and then ride out the same look for 30 odd years.

I mean David Haig hasn’t changed in the last three decades:



Andi Peters


Keanu Reeves and Paul Rudd, obviously.




I can’t stand him!

He has just remained looking young, different technique to David Haig.



Always been 50yo


My technique has been to never make any facial expressions, therefore not wearing out the face muscles or getting wrinkles. Going grey and have a bitter old man aura though


Dye it all grey immediately and then you can ride that look out until 2050.


Angela Bassett


The ‘schofield’ is a good look


I’ve done the opposite, having successfully cultivated some extreme brow wrinkles by the age of 25, and now I can pass for anywhere up to dead.


That guy from the thick of it, the shit one.

Edit: Ollie!


He’s 46!


I was watching Bad Moms yesterday and at the end they get the cast with their real life mums to just have a little chat

Still in utter SHOCK at jada pinkett smith’s mum
Ageless kween :two_hearts:


Keanu Reeves is the classic of this genre.


Iman Bowie

63 years old


Had a bit of work done though I think


Lauren Laverne


Mariah Carey is 50 next year


Shut up