People Who Don't Age

She looks exactly like she did in the 99s when she married Bowie

Bald people are so lucky.

My greying hair is a constant reminder to myself and others that time is passing and soon our atoms will become something other.


yeah, so fucking lucky, having no hair. Us bald blokes get ALL the luck!


Going grey > going bald, definitely.


Ok, so I wasn’t really being 100% serious.

shakes Barry Gibb mane in the wind

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What are you doing with Barry Gibb’s hair?


Worst thing about going grey is the beard though, graying hair looks distinguished, grey beard just looks OLD

Some of us are greying AND balding though, so that’s obvious no good

and is wearing an obscene amount of make up, so is clearly hiding something, especially in the mouth area.

save it for thursday

You sound lovely.


Shaking it in the wind

Like a kite?

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Nah, grey beards are great.

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Hazel Irvine has looked exactly the same since about 1994

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See also: Jo Whiley.

Javier Zanetti


If you took the shirts out I wonder if he could put them in order.

big dris, looks the same now as when he was in the wire

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Call yourself a fan? Big Driis!