People who failed their driving test multiple times, gather! #SSP

Just failed for the 3rd time!

I drove the best I’ve ever driven before the test, then got a really rude* examiner (*I think she was really rude, but am I tone-policing? Was she merely abrupt? Did I just take her the wrong way?) and did catastrophically in the test - much worse than the first 2. Lots of tears afterwards. So frustrating; I KNOW I can drive, but I just can’t keep it together for 35 minutes in front of a stranger. (Especially not a rude one.) I’ve got worse with every test even though I’m a much, much better driver than I was when I took my first one!

How many goes did it take you, and how did you get to a stage where you could get through it without cocking up?


  • Passed first time like a smug bellend
  • Passed second time and am thus a better driver apparently
  • Passed third time
  • Passed fourth time
  • Passed fifth time
  • Never driven on the mainland

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Passed 3rd time.

1st time, did really well and got done on accumulation of minors for not using my mirrors when i was using them. Bastards

2nd time, I was concentrating that hard on moving my head about so they couldn’t hit me with minors that i fucked literally everything else up

3rd time managed to chill, examiner was sound passed.

Just keep going at it, you will get a chilled examiner and be able to drive like you can

3rd time pass - remember not feeling nervous but in reality my legs were shaking so much my feet were literally bouncing up and down on the pedals, it’s a wonder I managed to move at all.

Ever failed the theory test?

  • Haha of course not, I’m not thick
  • Fuck off, the hazard perception but can be difficult sometimes

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sorry, I’m not on multipledrivingtestbook

Bet that left a bad taste in your mouth.

Can you use your parents car to practice in? I found that the point at which you become a driver who can pass the test is when you can do all the technical stuff without thinking at all, leaving you to do the observation and hazard perception.

Once you get to the point where you don’t even have to think about changing gears, it all clicks.

you sucked him off didnt you


MEOW! Jesus.

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Second time for me. Failed first one in Dublin. Went to pull out round a bus that had stopped (and pulled in a stop). Utterly safe, nothing coming the other way. It then indicated and five nanoseconds later just started to pull out anyway. Bus wanker.

You and me, budgie. You and me.

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one of my favourite things that only happen in ireland stories is from the 70s when they had a huge admin backlog, and so just decided it would be easier to cancel all the tests and just hand out licences to anyone who applied.

maybe you could hope that happens again?

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5th time for me, though with a few years between attempts for uni etc.

Also passed my 5th test with more minors than in the other 4 tests combined which was a bit odd.

first time i did fairly well, small number of minor faults but stalled a couple of times which turned it into a major.

second time was a proper disaster, got another major fault - i was wondering whether i’d failed or not by missing the turn off he’d asked me to take, and while i was busy thinking about that i nearly drove on at this weird little junction where i didn’t have right of way, and the examiner used his brakes to stop me. always annoyed me a bit that the form has ‘took verbal action’ or ‘took physical action’ and i had a tick on the second one even though he hadn’t tried to say anything first. anyway as it turns out the page was absolutely littered with minor faults anyway.

third time i passed with something ridiculous like only 2 minors in total or something. i’m sure there would have been more but i had a far more relaxed and friendly examiner. for some reason he asked me if my dad is a farmer, which he is (strange question but then again this was in Omagh) and he seemed to like me then and started talking to me about farming. i don’t know much about farming other than being made to help out with stuff growing up but i managed to bullshit enough to keep him happy.

All I can say is fix it in your mind your going to do it until you pass and it doesn’t matter how many times you do it, this may help you relax a bit. I passed mine because I thought I had failed it in the first 5mins, this just made me relax and drive normally for the rest of it. If I became a competent driver anyone can!

or have a quick pint right before


Car second time - On my first effort, I’d only picked up 2 minors all test and then nearly ran a red light about half a mile from the test centre on the way back :smiley:

Passed my Class 2 (rigid trucks) first time though, although I think once you can drive a car competently (with regards to anticipation, hazard perception, etc ,etc) driving a truck, motorbike, bus, etc is largely just a case of getting used to a different vehicle. Just a more extreme version of the difference between driving a Toyota Aygo and a Range Rover

The TV took 4 attempts to pass her car test and I’ve generally got no issues with her driving, she just used to get really nervous on her tests and fuck it up.

My dad failed his second one because he turned up drunk after drinking to ease his nerves.