People who failed their driving test multiple times, gather! #SSP

Needs an option for “there wasn’t a theory test when I did mine. Ha ha losers!”



Well that’s just bad luck, isn’t it.

Unlucky pervy. Third time passer here, but I remember the sheer frustration of the second fail. First time too slow, second time too fast, third time the nice man said I drove really well. Like someone said higher up, you now undoubtedly are a safe driver, it’s just a matter of time before you get the wind in your favour.

I asked them before I had any test and they basically laughed in my face and told me I didn’t need it, they wouldn’t let me, etc. After last time they said they’d put me on the insurance but haven’t yet because getting them to do anything takes eras.

Definitely definitely definitely doing this before I have my next go though.

Same/family were hostile to the idea of me driving. Had some driving lessons but I’ve still got this terrible fear that I shouldn’t be allowed to drive and will cause a terrible accident somehow. Like objectively I was fine at the lessons and made good progress, but well, anxiety is never rational.

I think I had this anxiety until recently. It just seems baffling that I’m allowed to operate something that could kill someone with a split second bad decision!

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I guess it’s one of those situations where being a bit dense and not really thinking about consequences makes life easier unfortunately. I mean think of all those idiots who have driving licences.

4th time passer.

Failed for: parallel parking (who can actually do this?), then driving too slow (??! WTF) and then for staying in the fast lane for too long. Finally nailed it and still got a lecture from the driving instructor - for driving too fast.

It’s a total lottery as I could have passed the first time with like 2 minors if I had an easier manoeuvre to do.

Actually one thing I did the successful time was I had my instructor in the car with me, after 3 bad ones I thought I needed to change something, would actually recommend this, if you like your instructor that is!

Passed 6th time.

Like all the best drivers.

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It’s not my instructor (he’s good and very encouraging, although maybe pushed me to do my test too early first time). You’re right that stupid things can fail you - I flicked my indicator the wrong way on test 1 and failed cos of that. Drove horribly throughout, but that was the only major. Definitely left me in a position for a while where it felt like passing was impossible because you could fail for something that seemed so trivial. How can you ever be sure you won’t make a mistake like that?!

on my first test i turn right coming out of the driving test center, drive about 30 seconds up the road until i come to a roundabout and then pull out in front of someone nearly causing them to crash into me.

Failed within the space of a minute

carried on with the rest of the test tho - get my monies worth!

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when i did pass, my driving instructor said to me

‘you always COULD drive - you just had to BELIVE!!!’

so there’s a bit of advice for you

Immediately before my test (EDIT: Christ), my surrogate driving instructor (long story) told me that she had a student fail the previous week because they couldn’t navigate the car out of the test centre car park.

yeah i wasn’t that bad!!!

i think i just panicked and totally turned off my brain

:‘’‘’) this has made me feel 100x better

I know what you’re saying about some of it being down to luck. Everyone does daft shit like indicating the wrong way, or fucking up a gear change, stalling, etc from time to time.

Have spoken to a people who’ve failed LGV tests simply as a result of other road users being morons.

I passed at the second attempt earlier this year. The first time round I started the car and ploughed straight into a traffic cone, so there’s hope for everyone…

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My test was delayed for about 10 minutes cause of something similar.
3 people would get tested in each timeslot, so you’d do some of the engine checking stuff while the first people went off. But the first girl off drove straight out of the centre, which is a blind turning. Tester had to use their brakes to stop the car, girl just sat crying in the drivers seat for ages until they could get her to move to let me and the other girl getting tested get through

I passed on the 4th or 5th time or so (with one minor), I can’t remember exactly. at least one of the failures I thought was bullshit, though most of them were just me being shit.

my driving teacher said I wasn’t very good with the ‘social’ aspects of driving, which made me laugh. a DiSer even while driving.