People who have de-fucked it

We frequently discussed famous people who’ve destroyed their reputation through repeatedly doing/saying unpleasant, threatening and/or hateful stuff (Morrissey, Glinner, Gervais, loadsa old British ‘national treasures’ coming out with weird Daily Mail nonsense, celebrity TERFs) but has there been anyone recently who’s improved in the public eye from their previous reputation? “De-cancelled” themselves if you will and been able to move on successfully, which often isn’t easy, but that 4th place on HGATR suggests this lot did it. Maybe Eminem’s made similar apologies but he does have a habit of one step forward, two foots put in it.


de-fucked it!

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Caroline Calloway


Ha yeah, we did our very best at BFC to help him de-fuck it, signing him twice and without him we wouldn’t have reached the Premier League in 2016 - Dyche is kind of a great sports psychologist at how he gets people to believe they can change and improve positively - but he’s probably put a couple of foots in it at Fleetwood. The main problem is, however much people like that try to be kinder, warmer and open their mind, he’s part of an eternal (mostly male, masculine) lineage of people in the public eye who thrive on confrontation like a panda thrives on bamboo.

I had a few friends like that in my gaudy, bawdy, embarrassingly edgelord early 20s and it’s probably been better for me in the long run to distance myself from them. I’m not saying it’s Patrick Bateman-level sociopathy, or ill-advised cigarette incidents, but…

Taylor Swift de-fucked a lot of her 2014/15 boujee white feminism in a Guardian interview last year. Apologised outright for the Nicki Minaj thing and fully acknowledged she was in the wrong.


That 100% staged make-up moment with Nicki at the VMAs or whatever it was, was so awful and cringeworthy. I don’t think she can every be uncancelled

Not a famous person by any means, but this was a heartening read (via Owen Jones on twitter):


I remember around Christmas 2013 both Lily Allen (the video for Hard Out Here) and Lorde (the lyrics to Royals) on trial by social media accused of mocking hip-hop in a racist way, but AFAIK they’ve more than moved on from that since. Not hugely into her music, but the way the world’s gone since it’s insane to think Lily Allen was once considered the baddie.

That Lorde thing was always baseless bullshit. Pop culture will bend itself over backwards to drag the fuck out of anything deemed for or by teenage girls, and conversely even the most regressive and trashy shit for teenage boys can be lauded as super serious and important.


Michael Portillo

Gone from heir of Thatcher to avuncular train guy. Caught a bit of him being critical of the British Empire while flicking through the channels the other day. Can’t imagine he’d have said that 20 years ago.

Still can’t stand the man, mind.


In the comatorium


My reaction to that bit of genius posting:


Tories have a canny knack for re-fucking it the instant they get another whiff of power.


Most apologies are so half arsed but people just move on which is a shame. Many “sorry if I offended anyone” when they full well know they did or the “sorry if you feel that way” which is one of the worst. Recently a black man was arrested for eating a sandwich and a chinese american kpop singer who I’ve really liked and supported for years made a really dumb comment about this black guy arrested in America for eating a sandwich basically saying he deserved it, and her apology was basically saying she has been in Korea for ages and didnt know about the systemic racism that meant that interaction wasnt normal which was so stupid. She is a) american and often there and b) you can be in korea and know America isnt the best for black folk. Surely she’d heare of the BLM movement. Anyway she tried, she tried to apologise but I think it’s an example of the many who try to defuck things but fail, and the attidue towards them (on my part anyway) is to forgive but not forget and if theyre at it again then to just write them off


Can’t remember the quote verbatim but he’s definitely one of those people who has become more agreeable once he left politics; less partisan and more considered in his views. Plus I have a lot of time for people who are obsessed with trains. I watched the documentary that you referred to and it was a very balanced view of empire in Indian.

Cannot fucking abide the reinvention of Portillo. Like we’re supposed to forget that he was one of the biggest supporters of poll tax because he wears pink trousers now.


Peter Reid

Feel like loads of people on Twitter are acting like Piers Morgan has defucked it for standing up to the government on Coronavirus even though he’s been one of the most odious shites in existence for years