People who have de-fucked it

Feel like loads of people on Twitter are acting like Piers Morgan has defucked it for standing up to the government on Coronavirus even though he’s been one of the most odious shites in existence for years


He definitely hasn’t defucked it, he’s just done his job right for once, so sad how some people get praised for doing the absolute least. It’s a good thing he’s done with the tories that come on his show, quite enjoyable to watch


Don’t know how completely he’s de-fucked it, but the apology Dan Harmon did about the way he treated Megan Ganz was really good and interesting cos it’s so rare to see.

There’s a great podcast episode about this, think it’s This American Life, but can’t remember.

Old Axl Rose: Wrote the lyrics to One In A Million

Recent Axl Rose: image

I can’t say I know enough about US politics or Axl Rose to know how he is these days exactly, but now and again I see Tweets shared that actually seem good.

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Nick Hancock

I’m normally very forgiving of people and am quite quick to overlook actions and flaws that others will struggle with. But this guy? No. No chance. Vile man.

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I read that Luke Chadwick article earlier. Hope Hancock gets a chance to speak to him. He seemed genuinely gutted he had caused so much upset.


Quite like Portillo, if only the trains and this quote (wiki).

Portillo’s defeat represented a 17.4% swing to Labour. Symbolising the loss of the election by the Conservative Party, it has been referred to as “the Portillo moment”, and in the cliché “Were you up for Portillo?” (i.e., “Were you awake/did you see Portillo’s result announced on television?”)[40] Portillo himself commented, thirteen years later, that as a consequence “My name is now synonymous with eating a bucketload of shit in public.”[43]

He talked about it on his own podcast (that may have been actually where the apology was made – I remember him being very open and condemnatory of his own actions).

Find it weird that Channel 5 have made the British Empire series with him in it whilst blatantly ripping off his train programme with their Tony-Robinson-on-a-train series

Steve Albini seems quite right-on these days and has expressed regret for being a bit of an edgelord in his younger days (particularly the bandname Rapeman)


RE: Portillo he popped up on QT a few months back and was basically as horrific and thick as ever