People who have dogs or cats

What do they do when they see themselves in the mirror?

The people or the animal?


Fig looks away but he’s very marginally more interested in watching himself on selfie mode on my camera

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Oh yeah haha

(the animal)

Admire how handsome I am, usually.

Oh, wait, you mean the cat. He just ignores them

Tobias doesn’t give a shit

Does that mean he recognises that it’s him, so no reason to be startled

Or does he just think there’s another cat that lives there, who he only sees in this particular location

What you saying

Very rarely, dogs and cats I’ve lived with have become slightly interested in television programmes featuring animals, but their attention isn’t held for long.

I feel like the first time they’ve met mirrors there’s been some sort of, ‘why, helloooooo, who do we have here’


I’m not sure, but I suspect if he thought it was another cat he’d probably try to fight it.

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I love it on Gogglebox when they’re watching something with animals and it shows the Malone’s dog looking intrested as fuck


Our cat sometimes stares a bit, often doesn’t really care.

I hate the way they’re not interested

We can’t watch nature documentaries because our cat keeps launching herself at the tv to catch whatever’s on.


Cat affects indifference.

Don’t think there are any mirrors low down enough for the tortoise to see herself and she’s a) very short sighted and b) very dim so I’m not sure she’d really register the reflection. If it was that fortnight in May when she gets horny she might conceivably try to hump herself.


Genuinely doesn’t seem to register with our cats. They just react like you were showing them a wall.

Thick fuckers.

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Think the first few times he saw himself I think he wondered why there was another dog in the room - went up to it and pawed at the mirror. Presumably learned quite quickly how a mirror works though.

He’ll watch the TV sometimes though, although as soon as he sees another animal (especially another dog) he goes mad and runs right up to the TV barking at it.

Absolute dickheads

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My old cat did freak out once when she saw herself in the mirror. Maybe it was the first time she’d seen her reflection, idk. Normally they don’t react at all but you can make eye contact with them so they obviously recognise the reflections of people

The official line is that cats don’t recognise themselves in the mirror because they fail the spot test. That’s when you put a mark on the animal somewhere it can’t see without a mirror, then show it its reflection and if it tries to clean off or inspect the mark then that’s proof it’s recognised itself. I’m not sure it’s a perfect test though, because if the cat can’t see the mark usually how does it know it’s new? And maybe it doesn’t care about dirt it can’t feel on its fur. And if they don’t know the reflection is them why do they not behave like it’s another cat every time?

There’s a clip of a cat looking in the mirror and feeling its ears that does look a lot like the cat knows its reflection is itself

Spooked the first couple of times. Completely over it now, don’t even hesitate. Maisie was well into the BBC documentary the other day about Leopards though.