People Who Have Fucked It Thread

Ludicrous event. They should run they’d be faster. Same with the swimming, simply get from one end of the pool to the other as fast as possible, none of this ‘breaststroke’ nonsense


I’d take it up but I’d get a glimpse of myself on the big screen and instantly start laughing


All events are ludicrous really. Basically just a massive set of contrivances from the bottom up.

When you think about the pole vault is very silly?

“I know we’ll jump this bar with a bendy noodle and a wee concrete slot.”

Olympics mental, innit?

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I Imagine it was a far more enrtaining spectacle when they did it in the scud.


Didn’t Harold Bishop used to do power walking or am I imagining that?

Can vividly see him doing it

With little dumbells.


obviously it looks daft but I have a lot more respect for the athleticism of race walking after I challenged someone to a walking race on a night out (on the basis that I’m a relatively fast walker for a normal person) and he turned out to be an actual race walker. just absolutely flew past me.


Yeah, top level race walkers would finish in the top ten of most Park Runs - they’re so quick.

Sorry, not having people who choose to be eace walkers have any praise at all

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But they speak so highly of you!


might try race walking to the shop over the weekend

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We used to have walking races to ASDA after smoking in the field. My racing name was The Voluptuous Ass


Be even faster if they simply ran

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I’m faster over 5km than the world record race walker. Pathetic loser

Scrap the walking race, have a skipping race instead imo

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Skipping race
Walking backwards race
Hopping race
Human wheelbarrow race

All would be more entertaining spectacles than walking races imo, and no less silly