People Who Have Fucked It

Man cant’ even clap (I can't stop watching this gif of Michael Gove clapping three ways in five seconds - GIF on Imgur)

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Just think… the majority of my neighbours vote for this man every few years.




Dolly Parton

I can’t see anything?

This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me

Any clues as to what the fuck it means?

It’s the trophy for Le Tournoi

Presumably this is from A Stab in the Dark which was really weird ‘edgy’ C4 show about skewering people politically or something.

But it’s got a football on it? Is it a photoshop? If so why is it in this thread? Sorry, I’m just completely baffled who’s fucked it and how.

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It’s because stating Marilyn Manson had fucked it had been posted very recently up thread, Le Tournoi is how the forum meme of acknowledging reposts with “Le [blank]oi” originated from

It’s an obtuse way of doing it, tbf

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Is this really the headline they want to use to present this story to the world?

“Well now he’s a confirmed bad un, let’s take a jaunt down memory lane.”


Ah right, okay. That is very much the most oblique of references but also like, is this really the thread/subject matter for jokey references like that?

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It’s from that but it’s just bizzare in the extreme. maybe Diana hadn’t died yet so that’s why that ‘joke’ was there?

Yeah it’s from 1992.

But honestly jokes about stuff like that weren’t considered particularly problematic then. C4 was also well-known as being the channel that did put out stuff that courted controversy. Brass Eye was too much for the BBC even after The Day Today, I think.

Edit 2: I also feel like maybe Diana has grown in appreciation over the years. I’m not sure but back then I just remember most of us seeing her as just another member of the royal family and as such if you were on an anti-monarchist kick she didn’t get excused. I think after the separation and stuff she got a lot more love although the response to her death was utterly baffling to me then and still seems nuts now.


what has chris pratt done this time

Somebody posted a fake tweet which made it appear he’d tweeted a racist slur which is pretty shady even if the guy is a wrong’un, but most of the tweets are like “yeah we know it was a fake tweet but we still hate him with good reason” which honestly I am here for.

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even the press is having a moment of panic

fair dues, though fuck me I wonder how the people you see when you click these hashtags even find the time

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