People who have fucked

I think it’s Thursday today… hard to tell atm

One day, you will be having your last bit of filth; would you want to know it was your last while you were at it?

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I think I would want to know, so I could make the most of it. Wondering why it will be my last would be horrifying until the reason reveals itself tho, I don’t think I’d like that bit, but on balance worth it so I know to moonwalk out of the room high fiving.


Definitely not. It was bad enough being in a relationship with someone who had a significantly lower libido, not knowing when the next time you were going to have sex was and trying to get through as much stuff as possible so you could hoard the memories like some kind of sex camel.


I always tend to enjoy every big squirting ejaculation over my face as if it were the last anyway

no other way to live


Big fan of the thread title. Good work.


Adam Gemili

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No, it’s a very depressing thought, and what if it was a bit shit?


it would be an anticlimax


Your mum and dad


Course I would. Imagine if you wasted your last bang on a lazy spoon. No shade to the spoon but if it’s my last time I’m putting my back into it.


Would you tell your partner, if they were someone you would otherwise expect to fuck again, that this was your last fuck?

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sounds menacing if you know and they don’t

“wait why?”
“don’t worry about it”


this is putting me in an infinite loop conundrum

if I were to tell my partner before we fuck that this is my last fuck ever then they would probably be “Woah…back the fuck up, what?” and then we wouldn’t fuck so it wouldn’t be my last fuck … would there be a spare unused last fuck or was the previous one the actual last or or is this one Schrödingers fuck or what?


hope I get to have sex again some day


it would only be worth telling someone it if it was both of you’s last fuck. that would be awesome. preferably dying immediately after.

or maybe i get a bit @BodyInTheThames about this and what if knowing that we’re going to die leads us to risk fucking on a motorway or something and that’s WHY we die and then i go back in time and jake gyllenhall is in a wheelchair


man that film sucked

Kinda think that knowing it was my last time would affect my otherwise excellent performance

I think we all need to decouple sex and death here

the filth thread needs to be ringfenced from mortal anxieties and be pure dopamine hits and salacious stimulation - don’t want my limbic system triggered while fantasising about which DiSser would slide down my pole


Would also need to have various distraction techniques ready. Imagine the massive downer you’ll get just after coming…

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I don’t think it’s possible to decouple sex and death when the topic is your last ever fuck before you die

one hump or two?