People who have got better at what they do

The final people you get through to when threatening to cancel a contract.

Only got 10% off my Virgin contract just now despite many threats of flouncing off. Definitely feel like I lost.

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Balonz @ making threads

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I would say that is not the case

alan shearer

He hasn’t banged in 20 for ages!

got better and then got worse again

Hush now, You’re top drawer lonzo.

His managerial career hasn’t gotten any worse since 2009.

(this is now the football thread)

Jordan Ayew at playing football.

Palace’s most substituted player this season (we just did a ridiculous quiz at work and you will be pleased to hear full roaster is a Palace fan).

He’s our player of the year so far. Not something I ever thought I’d say.

When I was a baby, I couldn’t play backgammon, didn’t know the rules.

Still don’t know them, but reckon I could work it out now as an adult.

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Did you try playing backgammon as a baby?


So this isn’t relevant.

Please think before you post.

I did actually.

Here’s me as a baby playing with famous actor Bartholomew Winslow (who wasn’t an actor at the time, just a baby)

You winnets have got the fucking chess pieces out!

Exactly, as an adult I realise that this is not the way to play.

It’s good, but it’s not right.


Would you say he has also got better at what he does?

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I’d argue he’s gotten significantly worse at being a baby

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