People who know loads of people

Weird aren’t they? I messaged one of these people yesterday ‘tell me about Bilal’, he replied ‘what’s his surname’? How can you know more than one Bilal?

Good lad is Bilal, superb distribution as well

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Postman is he?

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Everytime i text dan i break into a cold sweat just

Yeah I know shed loads of Dans and Daves

I’m definitely not one of these people, but in my old job there was this weird coincidental run of me knowing multiple interviewees, client contacts etc etc that made people think I was some kind of social butterfly with all these far-reaching social connections. Which is weird, because they’d met me.

I know someone called Bill and someone called Al.

stands with head on hands as referee teaches for his pocket


I know maybe five people

'kin hell mate, second yellow for you today

  1. What do you want to know about Bilal?
  2. The person you messaged doesn’t know any Bilals, they’re stalling for time because you’ve made them think they should know a Bilal. This is clearly a desperate individual, be wary of them.

most number of people in your office with one name?

my last place had four daves

I’ve been rushing around like Gazza in the 1991 FA Cup final

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does that even make sense i’ve stopped caring

I want to know everything there is to know about Bilal.

Just keep running away from the ref like in FIFA 94 and you’ll be right


We’ve got one Andy.

in the same flat is quite impressive.

i suppose it depends how many people are in your office if 16 martins is any good. we only had 25ish people at work so 4/25 dave was quite high i thought

I had a brief volunteering stint in an office where all three of us had the same first name. Oh the hilarity!