People who mumble

You know when some people occasionally mumble out some remark but you can’t really work out what they’ve just said because it’s basically inaudible, and you feel rude asking them to repeat themselves so you just go ‘mmhmm, yh…’

I’ve just had a moment like that. Awkward.

does this happen to anyone else?

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My hearings fucked so I spend most of my life pretending to hear what people have said to me


Exactly this. Just nodding and smiling most of the time. Basically don’t hear what anyone is saying in a crowded, noisy pub or venue which is shit.

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Say again

I can never hear what people are saying if the music’s really loud but I can usually figure it out based on the context

Although one time in a nightclub I couldn’t hear what this bloke was saying to me so I just said ‘yeah… yeah… yeah…’ - turns out he was saying ‘do you think I look like a cunt?’ :scream:


My ex’s father has a very very broad Jamaican accent which is, at times, totally impenetrable. I have had conversations with him about test cricket which have been based almost entirely on me guessing what he has said and laughing whilst saying ‘yeah, absolutely’


Lil Yachty

Spent most of the last meat not hearing a word anyone was saying because it was quite loud. Left feeling like I must have seemed pretty rude :grimacing:

Hmm? What’s that?

I talk quite quietly and worry that people don’t hear my hilarious jokes.

That’s why nobody laughs.


Ah I don’t think you do. Tho… at one point I definitely talked over you when you were mid sentence because I didn’t realise you were still talking :grimacing: I’m a terrible human being.

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I don’t talk very quickly either. It might have been a very long pause.

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I am a chronic mumbler. I don’t know how to fix it either and it seems to be getting worse as the years go by. I think about it a lot and I think it partly came about from being embarassed about my Northern Irish accent when I lived in Birmingham for a few years as well as not being able to modulate my voice correctly when I speak. I constantly think I’m speaking at an acceptable volume and to my ear, it does sound like the same volume as everybody else but everyone struggles to hear what I’m saying. I’m not confident in being able to speak louder without it coming across as shouting.

I don’t really know how to sort the problem, it drives my TV mad and I notice people in work struggling to make me out or asking me to repeat myself a lot. I dont really have the time or money for speech therapy either… if it’s even available for adults

Talking proper is proper hard.

I’m terrible for this.

I actually think it was the braces that did it, back when I was 14ish to about 18? I swear my inability to move my mouth the same completely fucked up my enunciation for life :cry:

Don’t mumble but quite often completely lose enthusiasm for what I’m saying and just kind if trail off mid sentence.


I have really bad sinuses so my nose is pretty much permanently blocked which causes me to mumble all the time. Don’t think I’ve ever managed to get through a day without having to repeat myself at some point.

I really didn’t think you mumbled at all, quite quiet but very clear.

(Pause for laughter…


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