People who say choclit


I hate anyone that pronounces ‘vegetables’ correctly

veg tables or get out of my face immediately


good tagging

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used to work for this lady gardening who would say ‘pitsa’ instead of pizza. posh as fuck, she was.

she used to be really inappropriate with her lewd comments and general perviness towards me, but I lapped this up like a boss.

I don’t think you know what the correct pronunciation is you fucking idiot

My mum says pitsa but she’s German.

The second paragraph is not relevant to my mother.

what is it then

It bloody is

Yes yes, we all know you’re very good at oral sex

users I for some reason imagine to be guilty of this:


Certainly not vege table you berk!

It’s my thread you fucking penis!

(did you use to work at the Mulberry? I went there at the weekend. End of story)

guilty as charged

shit, yeah I did. how did you know that? EDIT: maybe I posted about working in Chris Evans’ pub before.

Edit - yes that it is why.

did you have a roast and drink hogs back t.e.a?

Yeah a mushroom terrine and I had a Langhams Hop Heaven because t.e.a. is too prevalent round here.

pizzer, innit

gonna like this in 26 minutes. out of likes dude