People who seemingly have it all


Jon Hamm - Handsome, smart, funny, great actor, seems a decent guy.

Could be a dangerous thread as stories might come out about them in the near future but in the meantime fill your boots.



Freddie Mercury. Not sure if he managed it during his lifetime, but he seemed pretty motivated.


Jack Johnson


he is a terrible songwriter BUT

He’s an award winning surfer, lives in Hawaii by the beach and has, i assume made millions or close to it from record sales and touring. He did all this early, and so at 42 can basically now just be on a beach in Hawaii surfing forever.


awww don’t want to lose your cred.


but he’s crap so doesn’t have it ALL
unless you’re talking about the boxer




@saps on his 2003 album One by One


Didn’t Jon Hamm have a crippling alcohol addiction?


Most of that is about the wealth he has accumulated. Is he charismatic? Can he tell a great anecdote? He is respected by peers?


David Beckham
Good looking, rich, talented, 4 great kids. And he’s married to Victo- oh…


he’s on a beach surfing in hawaii eating fresh mangos. Who gives a fuck about peers?


yeah like i’m ever admitting that his first album wasn’t too bad


Was just about to post this. I’ll post the original instead


This was my “going to sleep” song for weeks when I was having shitty mental health woes. Worked a treat.




Sir David Attenborough

Still alive at 91
Still doing what he loves at 91
Had travelled the world over
Made enormous contributions to study and understanding of the natural world
Is a Sir
Presumably always been financially comfortable
Genuinely, genuinely, lovely bloke


Hamm on Toast was good though. Fucking so hungry.


My friend -

Lives in a nice house in a friendly village with a school, shop and great pub. Married to someone she loves and has an adorable daughter. Just moved to a job she loves just round the corner. About to get the Labrador that she’s always wanted. Reckon she’s got it nailed.