People who seemingly have it all



Missed out: invented snooker.

I was watching Marjorie Prime last night and was thinking how nice the Hammster and Tim Robbins were actually. Has Tim done anything bad? Apart from steal John Cusack’s girlfriend and break out of prison?

John Grant

Lives in Iceland
Is in a relationship that makes him happy
Has found stable success as a solo artist
Has pretty much any idea of his commissioned (see the North Atlantic Flux festival in Hull).
Is seemingly loved by everyone who meets him
Is sober/drug-free
Has been through a lot of shit in his life so knows how lucky he is.
Is a lovely bloke.

can’t really think of anyone

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I mean we’re all going to die and so will everyone and everything we love so…

…make the choice to be happy today and think how amazing the great story of your life is! :slight_smile:

so instead of saying all of your goodbyes… :slight_smile:


like my life for instance is a goddamn work of art! Think of all the great touching moments and big tragedies and subtle bits of boredom and fear I’ve experienced, and the taste of great pizza etc! Couldn’t make this shit up it’s so dense and amazing

I’m reading between the lines here but is your answer Timothy Spall?


although if I’m pressed maybe I’d say Shigeru Miyamoto.

Seems like everyone he goes people love him, widely considered the greatest ever in his medium, just pisses about on stage with giant foam hands with a dumb grin on his face, sounds like he grew up in a beautiful rural place near kyoto, has lived to be pretty old.

“He also stated that he has a hobby of guessing the measurements of objects, then checking to see if he was correct, and reportedly carries a measuring tape with him everywhere” I mean that’s the hobby of a man who is totally comfortable with his life and the world around him.


This thread makes me sad for Whitney :sob:

Craig Charles


Underrated post, this

that is a great hobby - I might take it up


i could happily watch paint dry if he was narrating it!

Lea Battersby off Corro

A lot of these are quite subjective really.

It’s more about what you’ve actually achieved than how much money you have imo. I consider people who have broken some sort of artistic ground and have become influencial figures in their field to be people who ‘have it all’, rather than people who have a lot of money but haven’t actually done anything remarkable, but each to their own.