People who sell you stuff that you'd refer to as, for example "my barber" or "my financial advisor" etc - how many you got?


@xylo has a framer. as in someone who frames pictures for him.

I can’t really think of many at all. Don’t have a barber. I have a mechanic actually. And a dentist I guess. I used to have an osteopath but then he started giving me accupuncture that I hadn’t asked for so I sacked it off.

What have you got?


Don’t think I’ve got a single one actually Joe. Have a great day.


you have a barber! you go the same time every month!


None now. Used to have a bike mechanic, but no longer use him now


Floor fitter
Bike mechanic


It’s a different person each time though.

(Interestingly the most recent one said to me “I’ve cut your hair before haven’t I” which I would have considered a weird thing to say regardless of the fact that he has never cut my hair before)


Doctor, dentist, hairdresser, therapist.

Would quite like to have a luthier.


oh yeah, therapist. got one of them too



OH kind of have a landscape gardener but he’s my bud. but i pay him to help me with the garden so it’s kind of correct.


Alright, it’s not a competition.


presumably these are just while you’re doing up your house? I don’t think you can count them


why dyou think I started this thread bozo?


like, I had a mortgage advisor while I was getting a mortgage, but I don’t pop in every couple of months for a bit of extra advice.


Fuck you, I’m very sensitive about my clownish appearance.

Going to talk to my therapist SO HARD about this.


honks nose sadly


I guess. But at the moment I have them.


I can see both sides of this.


would you be happy if it was the same person?


it’s alright mate I wasn’t referring to the clown, I meant the dictionary definition as in a stupid or insignificant man


No. I’d probably have to go somewhere else if anyone there got to the stage of recognising me as a regular.