People who set loads of alarms

Wtf. Do they literally just not know how the snooze function works?


Should probably stop being massive babies and get up at the first alarm, save themselves the bother.


I’ve seen people with a big list of alarms.

I have so many alarms, but they were set because i had an eye infection that needed “aggressive treatment” which inluded eyedrops every single hour for 2 days. Those were 2 miserable days and nights, but also miserable was setting those 24 alarms, so I’ve left them just in case i need it again


Oh yeah I remember when you were on the eyedrops

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So happy there are 2 amazing 24hr eye hospitals in London, honestly, blessed to have that, i love u nhs

Reckon it’s because they sleep through them.

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Do you set both the 06.10 and 06.15?

So confused at the different days for different alarms omg wtf

I do know how it works and am a big fan of it, use it a lot. However, in my not quite awake state, in which I most frequently find myself when I’m trying to snooze an alarm, it’s quite easy to accidentally turn it off instead and then you’re fucked.


I normally have 3 alarms go off within 15 minutes of each other (the first one is a song for a gentle start), and they’re all at stupid times like 08:17 and that sort of stuff. Can’t be doing with the sort of times @Im_On_Safari has demonstrated upthread.

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Exactly this. I need something I have to be awake to switch off

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This is how I do it, given that sometimes I’ll sleep delightfully and not be disturbed, and sometimes my partner’s insomnia will be flaring up, the dog will be spooked by the wind, and the kid will be restless so I will sleep terribly and therefore not wake up in time to do the school run without my three precious alarms.

Just massively in denial


U sure u talkin to me bro? Xx

Different alarms for different days, literally - need a normal alarm for work, one 50 minutes earlier to turn on if I’m going for a run first, one to remind me I have to collect my daughter on a Wednesday, a special early one for Saturday stuff with my daughter…

Hahah, the greenish avatar confused me!

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Ever since I missed an important train departure due to flicking the alarm off instead of snooze I’ve made sure I set multiple alarms


Same is @whiterussian said, it is annoyingly easy to swipe to turn the alarm off rather than snooze it so back ups are required.

Also different days: extra early for preschool, regular early to drop R with his dad, late alarm for weekends in case we aren’t awake already.

Then reminders, nap alarms…


This :frowning:

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