People who shave

I was shaving yesterday and was thinking that part of the secret to a good shave is a good razor. If I use those cheapo ones then it goes wrong. Then I though, maybe it’s me, maybe if I was any good I could shave with cheapos. Am I a rubbish human?

Get a safety razor and some blades for it. Use a half decent shaving foam/gel/etc. (the Nivea sensitive gel suits my paper-thin skin). Be amazed.

Nah. Secret to a good shave is to get your skin old enough that you can hack away with any old paring knife and not cut yourself to ribbons. Genuinely think it might be over a decade since I last cut myself shaving.

i have a wee sensitive face on me

Or you could grow a beard like a proper man.

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What’s a good razor?

I was reading something recently that suggested that expensive, multi-blade razors are actually worse for your skin because they lift and cut hair to such and extent that the stubble ends up ‘below’ the surface of the skin, causing ingrowing hair and blocked pores:

Apparently the best type are the old-school double-sided safety razors.

That’s only half a proper man. A whole proper man grows a beard, larks around with it for a month or so and then shaves it off for good.

not that good, the last I bought were like 4 for £3 (down from a fiver). The cheap ones I’m talking about are those 15 for £1.50 or thereabouts.

Dunno, ask someone with a Which? subscription.

although, Occam’s razor is also quite good

i’m the opposite, i get the rash with the electric razor somehow

I use a safety razor and its quite good but I recommend going for the higher quality blades for them, still cheap if purchased in bulk (Wilkins sword), and not letting your stubble grow too long or it can get a bit dicey.

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I mostly use a Phillips electric razor now. My sink is too dubious at draining for me to risk my might bristles down there.

fuck I hate shaving. Possibly the only thing I hate more is the thought of having a beard.

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Bet you’re doing it wrong.

undoubtedly. Apparently the fact that the razor company have now released razor heads with FIVE BLADES in them means that this is now the proper one to use, and anyone using a head with 4 or fewer blades has been doing it wrong all along.

One blade, mate. One.

Can any of you actually shave with this sort:

Of course not, I’m not a serial killer. Or a barber, I suppose.

i believe you about not being a barber

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