People who shave

Bit of hot water, disposable razor I’ve had about 6 years
Easy peasy (I have no facial hair or testosterone)

I use twin blades. Don’t think they even stock single blade razor heads in the supermarkets anymore.

Think he means shaving like this

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you mean, wearing high-wasted pants? I’m not surprised.

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:smiley: Yes!

If you’re going for a complete shave, I don’t find anything wrong with the original bic razors, not the sensitive version as those go dull fast. I’d say in those cases you can buy cheap and it doesn’t make a difference.

However if you want a bit of stubble and are thinking of electric razors it’s usually worth it to pay a bit more. As far as cheap trimmers go I don’t mind this:

Are we just talking faces? Cos, ummm, y’know…

Ah, the weekly shaving thread.

Bic2 w/ Lush Prince (before) and Lush Dream Cream (after) for a clean shave.

Hair clippers with no guard for stubble.

Talk to you soon.

I use an electric razor (Phillips pretty cheap) but I make sure I use a moisturising face scrub in the shower after

When I didn’t do that my face got really dry and disgusting

Wet shaving just gave me spots and ingrown hairs, although haven’t wet shaved for like 6 years so might just have been teenage skin causing that

tried shaving with this last night, absolutely useless

The only people excluded from this thread are people that don’t shave. If you shave, regardless of what body part you shave, you’re welcome here.

I feel so smooth loved :heart:

Yes, but it’s ballache because I’m not amazing at it and it takes longer/more concentration. Feels nice though. Never actually clean shave anyway. Clipper everything back to stubble and use a razor to shape it.

oh also, you guys should look at and consider cornerstone.

Been sub’d a few months (think next parcel is due this week TBH). It’s great! Not a huge fan of their shave creme though (prefer budget Tesco crap aha)

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Good innit!

(I also prefer other shaving cream though too)

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:+1: razor friends :+1:

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Do you get any of the other cremes/stuff? I just grab the blades atm. Never really been one for post-shaving stuff on my face. Got this Nivea something or rather but just makes me feel real greasy. Legs :bicyclist:get a coating though heh.

nope - already have all of the things I like from before I started using them and I know they work for me so just stick with them :slight_smile:

Good enough manadvice for me! Thanks EmO, always loved you :heart:

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