People who shouldn't be related


Michelle Pfeiffer and Ashley Giles


But they aren’t related. Shouldn’t be related means they are but shouldn’t be, surely?


Nah, this example just meant “it’s good that they’re not related”


We’re all related Ant


I’m not related to Kate Winslet

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yeaaah you are


Can you give him his proper title please

‘king of spain’ Ashley Giles




He’s been promoted


You’re allowed to say people who are related who you think shouldn’t be but you’re also allowed to say people who aren’t related that it’s good that


He didn’t order all them mugs to be a lesser royal

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Lenny Henry and Dawn French

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Royston drenthe, georginio wijnaldum and rajiv van la parra


Phil Collins and Lily Collins.


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Les cousins dangereux