People who smell of dinner

At my old job there used to be a man who came into the office looking for books from time to time. He always reeked of steak and kidney pie and the room would smell for hours after he left. Similarly I’ve been stuck next to people at gigs who have a similar Bisto aroma. Do these people all live in 1950s style bedsits with a cooker in their bedroom or something? Need to get some Febreeze


might be a dinner lady


I think you mean stale BO. poor wee man.

I used to work with somebody whose BO stank of lentil soup.

We’re all steak and kidney if you think about it.


Dont think i’m going to.

Westerners are meant to smell of stale milk, down to thw amount of red mewt we eat or something.

Sidenote: since I went vegan I no longer need to wear deodorant.

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Eh? I still stink loads.

Don’t think it makes a difference to everyone but it is a common side effect/benefit for many, though i did read the reverse can be true and you can smell worse.

Bit concerned that I may be unable to differentiate between the smell of BO and dinner :nauseated_face:

I love the smell of a roast dinner person.

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If you had to smell like a dinner what would it be?

I can honestly say I have never noticed this

Thinly veiled dktrfaustus works in a brothel

this wasn’t meant to be offensive

Hate at a gig (almost exclusively metal gigs) when there are lots of burps that smell like sandwiches.


This makes me gip. Can’t stand it.

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Nice big bowl of pho for me

I associate metal gigs with the smell of unwashed hair. Going to see Behemoth next Wednesday #prayforSteved


You will definitely smell a sandwich burp.

I’d rather someone smell of dinner than really bad, sweaty BO.

Just you and Rihanna I think.