People who smugly react incredulously at supposed stupidity while ironically missing that said stupidity is blatantly ironic / parodic / satirical


Got a real fascination for this sort of thing. There’s a lot of talk about post-truth, but this kind of thing tends to float under the radar of it, even though it’s way more fascinating irritatingly. It’s not so much morbid fascination in the vein of picking a scab as it is in the vein of jumping into a vat of radioactive material at great personal expense.

For example: CHECK OUT THIS DUNCE whose reaction video I couldn’t be bothered to watch in full

Exchange more of these or let this thread die. But preferably exchange more to enable my inevitable decline


Of course, quite a lot of it is “smug” from me


Is this about some utter leonard deleting my vegan thread?


Yeah, got no time for this kind of thing.


People who post reaction videos on youtube


i’m not going to watch this, mate


This. Pondscum


Can’t believe people get angry at deliberately ranty reaction videos.



Haha, I’d forgotten I’d put an autoclose on that thread! Soz.


fuckin mods are out of control. ccb and theo, wind your necks in, pals.


Seemed like a fair compromise in the circumstances


this is excruciating. i got a minute in. her video is stupid and i dont know why she uploaded it, his video is probably worse because the sound is all over the place. they fucking deserve each other


Depends doesn’t it, because when someone like Baghead says something sexist for the lulz it doesn’t make it ok that he’s trying to be funny/satirise a few edges out of us all. I mean even if you missed the “joke” it’s probably alright to get a bit irked by it.


What kind of utter Leonard can’t tell the difference between a closed thread and a deleted one, though?


Is this a social media thing you utter Leonards?



Examples please?

I might not fit in here, which is why I’ve gone quiet recently, but I despise and will speak out against misogyny as much as the “classic DiS line-up.”

I’m not offended, but if you think I have been sexist, I would like it to be pointed out clearly so I can see where perhaps I’m going wrong.


Why are you loving your own name


I meant Googling mbt this is bettrr