People who sneeze exaggeratedly loud

  • Cannot help it
  • Are doing it for attention and can easily stifle it in a bit
  • Ther-sneeze-a May

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My housemate actually says ‘atchoo’ out loud after he sneezes

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I presume those that vote “cannot help it” are those that sneeze exaggeratedly loudly.


I HATE sneezing, hearing it, doing it. Shhhhhh. But I understand some people can’t help how loud/exaggerated they are.

The only sneeze I like is my friend who sounds like a mouse sneezing “TOOoooo!”

Seriously, nobody gets more irked at loud sneezers than we [Sheffield Wednesday fans who sneeze loudly] do.

LOVE a sneeze. Feel fantastic afterwards. Absolutely nothing worse than a sneeze that doesn’t happen.


Blaaaaah the worst people are those who love sneezing. My mum loves it, she’ll having sneezing fits sometimes and it’s so hard to be sympathetic… I am because I love her but inside I’m screaming shut up shut up!!!

Oh I hate it when anyone else does it, unless it’s hilarious (in an unintentional way).

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Ah okay that’s fine then :smiley:

I know it should be a relief when I’ve done it myself but I just end up feeling raging afterwards.

My mum sneezes so loudly that when I was a kid, my brother and I used to shout ‘get to the bunker’ when we could see one coming. Horrific. I also sneeze quite loudly, though.


big difference between people who sneeze loudly and people who intentionally turn it into some ““hilarious”” performative thing. my old boss every single time would go “atchoo-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” and it was so fucking loud and annoying

(yes it was rick flair)


This is prompted by remembering how annoyed my Mum would get at my Dad, who would sneeze incredibly loud for some reason. He wasn’t the type of person to show off in any other capacity though. Maybe he truly couldn’t help it.

three sneezing threads in the last 7 months. Not sure if this a new low or high,


They do often come in uncontrollable bursts


I had to check the results to see which way the wind was blowing before voting with my heart

Idk I sneeze quietly when I can but sometimes a huge sneeze just sneaks up on you

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How do we feel about those fuckers who stifle a sneeze by pinching their nose?

  • What a great idea, fuck what your body wants and needs to do, and that noise is in any way less annoying than an actual sneeze
  • I don’t really care (about anything, clearly)
  • The worst kind of people – fuckers is right

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I do this

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