People who take Harry Potter too seriously




ugh fucking hell i want to claw my eyes out

Terrible things people post on social media

Do these people assign themselves houses or is there some fan website that assigns them?

(I’m not sure which of those would be worse)


Typical Ravenbollock.


Can’t speak for those Twitter weirdos but the gf made me go through a quiz on to find out what house I am.

I’m Gryffindor apparently.


what the fuck is Hufflepuffs I know it’s from Harry potter but why is this happening


Typical Froggyscrote.


Ah ok. Fair enough. A Briggs Meyers kind of thing then


It’s the most childish sounding of the houses. Which is why everyone picks on them and is right to do so.

As I understand it:

Gryffindor: good
Slytherin: evil
Hufflepuff: pathetic
Ravenclaw: they needed a fourth


I was just about to say, as the internet has assigned me a proud member of Ravenbollock, isn’t that the one that has no identity and is just there to make up the numbers.


Yeah, it’s typically:

Gryffindor: brave, honest
Slytherin: ambitious, cunning
Hufflepuff: friendly, caring
Ravenclaw: book smart nerds



#puffpride #fuuuuuuucccccckofffffffffffff

massive respect to this woman’s date trolling the fuck out of her though:



I would have said (which my vague knowledge of HP)

Gryffindor: Goodies
Slytherin: Badies
Hufflepuff: cute, geek culture ones
Ravenclaw: :man_shrugging:


why are so many people in those replies happily boasting about being evil then?

i don’t understand this whole thing


there’s a long-running thing in my trade about my company being the ‘slytherin’ of rare books. It’s tiresome af.


Stop talking about those shit books in this thread now pls.


Typical Hufflepuff


Ah well, the thing is: are they really evil? Hmm? Are they? Or are they misunderstood?

Fucked if I know tbh. The gf got Slytherin which has given me a decent line of bants at least.


It’s a magic hat that assigns them - have you not seen the film?




Someone didn’t get sorted into the house they wanted!!!1