People who take Harry Potter too seriously



Yeah, “lore” is a fucking silly concept.


So yesterday my father in law took that test to find out what house he would be put in. Ravenclaw. Gentle pisstaking proceeded (about how retirement is treating him, not which fictitious wizard house he was put in).

My sister in law, Christine, takes Harry Potter too seriously. Gets upset if people slag off Hufflepuff. She also goes into great detail explaining it to people on my side of the family, and is apparently oblivious to their equally bemused and contemptuous faces.


That new Moby album title is a winner isn’t it.


It’s just background that enriches the primary story. It can be good or bad.


gonna do my usual thing of coming into a thread nearly 500 posts late and saying something that’s been said 100 times already, BUT -

it’s not the books that are the problem necessarily, it’s the way in which the insane hardcore fans (of which there are many seemingly) have to fucking shoehorn HP into everything that happens in daily life. it’s not the same as responding to posts on here with Simpsons memes - it’s taking it way beyond that to a point where their brains simply can’t comprehend anything if it isn’t spun into some kind of HP medium. it’s truly bizarre and makes me think their brains are stuck in a childlike state, and it also just completely strips very serious things of their actual meaning.

this is a ramble that the thread probably could’ve done without tbh but here we are


Can’t wait to bring one of these to the next DiS meat

I would also like to disclose that I am currently wearing a Hogwarts dressing gown :smiley:


looks like the boogey man from nightmare before christmas


Say what you like about Harry potter though, but remember it brought us this


sounds like DiS doesn’t it


I saw the play on Thursday and Friday.

It was hugely disappointing that they used a standard bowler hat for the sorting hat


aka the greatest thing on the internet :heart:


We started watxhing it, hence my comment up thread about finders, but it’s a bit of a slog because of the quality. Apparently there are two more that are better quality, or something, so might have to finish it.


Really enjoyed it overall although the time travel altering things in a bad way feels kinda hackneyed


WHAT?! I refuse to see it because the idea of a Voldemort x Bellatrix lovechild is completely bananas to me


Just read through after finding this sat in a tab.

The thing that irks me about HP (and LoTR, and HHGttG…) is not the popularity per se - I can fairly easily ignore most played-out popular culture if I wish (Bake-off, Marvel, Apprentice…). And individuals can immerse themselves in whatever, to their hearts content.

The thing that irks me is that their bullshit infiltrates quizes and takes a completely inflated prominence amongst our worldly knowledge. I’ve covered this previously in Only Connect threads.

But also, this gateway to reading justification needs to be neutralised. There are billions of wonderful books that don’t get a sliver of the attention that this fantasy filler gets. Popularity and fandom are obviously completely separate from any notion of quality.


It was mentioned in the podcast thread, but this was quite an amusing ten minutes of a non-HP fan real-worlding it without any real malice:

Matt Tries to Understand Harry Potter




i asked xylo to expand on this theory and he said basically harry potter is about apartheid i shan’t explain myself further i was like hey woah okay mate calm down.


Have we all seen the latest JK fuckery?


Love it when she comes out with stuff like this:

She also wrote that she had been holding onto the secret that Nagini was a “maledictus” – a human who had turned into an animal due to a blood curse – for 20 years.

As if she was restrained from putting loads of things in the books by those damn strict editors who are evident all over the series.