People who take Harry Potter too seriously



Sure. I’m not really having a pop. Just find it a bit odd when I think about it, completely aware that I do it myself a lot anyway


but most football supporters ignore the results to keep their favourites, is all i’m saying. for no reason other than… well what is it?

edit: like in the Olympics we call the winners the best (unless they’re cheats). In football regardless of who wins we keep ‘our’ team as a favourite. Odd behaviour, and totally harmless, bit fun.


Centuries of religious bigotry for me


Anyone who supports Harry Potter is a fucking glory hunter. Plastic Potter.


Can be a lot of reasons but I guess it boils down to having a lasting emotional connection and therefore adding a depth to an essentially meaningless succession of matches and seasons


You joke but there’s an element of this upthread :smiley:


It’s intrinsic to being a spectator of a sport in a way that it’s not for other art forms.


and @still_here

the players change, the shirts change, the managers change, the sponsors change and sometimes even the actual venue changes. Yet we keep our favourites to be part of something. Bang on about stats, about football history, speculate about what’s next.

You can defend that in myriad ways but it should at least give a little insight how people are capable of getting lost in their own hobbies.


the olympics would show as an example that it being intrinsic isn’t necessarily the case, also. (this is a terribly formed sentence)


Not really? Establishing hierarchies on things like this is a very masculine way to approach culture. I used to think I engaged with music “wrong” because I couldn’t possibly tell you what my top five artists, albums etc of all time are because that just seems… well, daft to me. In this TED talk

Help me waste my time (slightly techy list question)

I think most reasonable football fans accept that the team they support and the best team are different things (re your Olympic analogy).

I’m not sure liking a book and supporting a football team are as neatly comporable as you’re making out tbh


I’ve never ranked an album in my life!

Masking tape though, now there’s something I can get behind ranking.


It’s fine to do either, though. if you’re worried about whether lists is too masculine, i can’t believe i’m saying this, but you need more hobbies


i’m not sure even the mad bastards who breathe harry potter say it’s the greatest work of fiction on earth though, either.

I think also you have every reason to defend the thing you like being less silly than the thing others like. I’m not backing a horse coz i’m all for the mad’uns with their HP and you with your lovely team shirts equally.


Which is a shame as you don’t seem to have a fucking clue!


@Aggpass just realised I’m now people who take people who take people who take harry potter too seriously too seriously too seriously


Neither do you you random old man!


Fat, random old man, thank you very much


I never, ever said supporting a football team wasn’t silly


Objectively ranking art intrinsically silly.
Ranking your favourite art is not.

This isn’t really a direct reply to eps I guess.