People who take Harry Potter too seriously



Well this is lovely.


Theo, is that you?


I don’t think that’s a particularly novel idea, but I’m not about to spend the next fifteen minutes trawling through Wikipedia pages on sociology to back up my point that not ranking cultural objects > ranking cultural objects > King of Lwait shit


it’s not that it’s not particularly novel, it’s that it’s handwringing over making lists about albums. You don’t need to do it or want to do it, but assigning to anything more than the notion that as a human race we enjoy ordering things in our heads is astonishingly pointless


There’s a clear dissociation in your argument though. To be “art”, there must be an element of awareness if you’re going to portray a romanticised view of British culture. The fact that HP is escapism negates this; it uses nostalgia without critical analysis. It should go without saying that an exaggerated view of British lifestyle is not “fun” or “escapist” for vast swathes of the world population…given that the empire was built upon the suffering of many people.

What I essentially mean by this is…something like HP; which portrays a “cosy” and “wholesome” private school setting…is more open for criticism than something that shows more positive/negative elements


Probably a decent argument to be made for ranking ‘best’ rather than ‘favourite’ albums being vintage man-asserting-opinion-as-fact behaviour


yeah but imagine what you could achieve if you didn’t bother


Can we all agree that replacing ‘what’s your favourite x?’ with ‘what was the last x you read/watched/listened to?’ would make for a more interesting icebreaker and give me more opportunity to talk about tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Thanks


unbelievable threading from @Icarus-Smicarus here. must be dead proud.




Cheers. It was alright. Funny concept but wore a bit thin




Are there any wizarding films that speak about the real issues of our times?


my last reply to you reads more snarky than intended, apologies!


Disagree on some basic premises here. It’s playing much more strongly off of how-cool-is-magic than it is off nostalgia for British lifestyle (particulalry for kids!). For me it was always just a sense of wonder at how much fun it would be if school involved learning to do actual bloomin’ magic.


None taken! You prick.


no it’s about everything being shit and terrible, and if it’s not it’s arrogance. those are the only things art can be now.


The Harry Potter films do focus on a bunch of weirdo privately educated elitists running the world so…yes?


But it’s got a boner for them all so no thanks.